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You can take our online TCF Canada classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are the perfect choice if you have time constraints or simply want to enjoy the convenience of home tutoring. You can take our TCF Canada lessons in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. We have TCF Canada tutors working round the clock.

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You can expect the best TCF Canada learning experience based on our depth of knowledge and skills based on decades of experience. Our TCF Canada tutors have taught students all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds. We know the best strategies and approaches to score in the TCF Canada exams.

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French Faster provides online TEF Canada exam preparation
for those who need to meet the French language requirement for Canada immigration.
We focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar.

All our TEF Canada lessons are delivered online via Skype.
You can take our TEF Canada classes anywhere, anytime.
Our TEF Canada tutors are available 24/7.

With our unique Accelerated Learning Method,
we can help you learn French THREE TIMES FASTER!

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A2 to B1 level within 25 hours

I sincerely take this opportunity to thank Nageeb of French Faster Online Language School for his time-tested
and power-packed coaching in getting me to progress from A2 to B1 level in the TEF exam within 25 hours of sessions.

Definitely, it was a precision surgery, transforming me from infancy to near native speaker French level.
Learning French from Nageeb was the turning point in my learning experience.
His natural ability to connect closely with a student is simply amazing.

The key attributes of French Faster for my success are: dedication of the teacher, program customization
and teacher adaptability, best communication skill, easily graspable rich native accent
and source of genuine French phrases, precise lesson plan and course content
to address both Expression Orale and Production Orale sections.

I strongly recommend French Faster to all serious TEF candidates.
You will get learning materials that are much better than any TEFaQ audio/text package in the market!

Nanda Kumar



TEF Canada model answers

Check out our TEF Canada Writing Essay Questions and Model Answers
based on Mark Schemes (Examiner Reports) from actual Specimen Papers and Past Examination Papers.

You can imitate these TEF Canada Essays to improve your writing for maximum score.

Mariages au sommet

Voici le début d’un article de presse. Terminez cet article:

  • en ajoutant à la suite un texte de 80 mots minimum;
  • en faisant plusieurs paragraphes. 

Arequipa, Pérou – Le week-end dernier, vingt couples péruviens ont grimpé au sommet
d’un volcan de la cordillère des Andes. Ils désiraient se marier à l’altitude record de 5825 mètres.

Model Answer

Arequipa, Pérou – Le week-end dernier, vingt couples péruviens ont grimpé au sommet d’un volcan de la  cordillère  des  Andes. Ils désiraient  se marier  à l’altitude  record de 5825 mètres.

Le volcan Misti, symbole touristique de la région, est en effet considéré comme très romantique, du fait de ses neiges (presque) éternelles au sommet.

Les jeunes mariés sont redescendus heureux et en plaisantant. « Je voulais du blanc, j’ai eu du blanc. Avec la neige, la brume épaisse et les robes blanches, tout était blanc ! » s’exclame une  jeune  mariée. « Et moi,  j’ai  bien  failli ne pas dire oui », répond le  jeune marié en riant.  « A cette altitude, je ne pouvais pas respirer ! ».

Cependant, les experts avertissent que même si le Misti est endormi depuis très longtemps, il est actif et peut se réveiller n’importe quand.

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